Five Reasons Why People Love The Plant Era

Anyone who has searched for sports nutrition products will know that the wellness market is vast, with an extensive range of both vegan and non-vegan products available. This means that searching for the right nutrition product can be tiring and laborious, and more often than not ends in disappointment. Common problems with many products on the market include poor taste, poor solubility, and nonorganic or low quality ingredients.

Ironman Nicholas Orsini repeatedly experienced these exact issues when searching for wellness products after a cycling trip across America. And so, in 2015, he created his own sports nutrition brand, The Plant Era, and personally developed a range of sports nutrition products that harness the power of a plant-based diet. Since its launch, The Plant Era has aimed to inspire anyone and everyone to be their very best, not only physically but also mentally, and to promote sustainability for the benefit of the planet.

Since the sports nutrition market is heavily dominated by non-vegan and nonorganic powders, it can be hard to find plant-based products that tick all the boxes. But according to our customers, The Plant Era does just that. The health benefits and great taste of our products have resonated with them and they have helped vote The Plant Era “excellent”. Reviews have raved about everything from the adaptability of our protein powders to the high quality customer service and fast delivery. Below we explain in more detail why people love The Plant Era.


 1. The amazing taste:

“Amazing” “Super nice” “Tasty” “Awesome” “Exceptional” “Perfect”

These are just some of the compliments we’ve had about the taste of our products! Customers especially like the deep, rich flavors of our protein powders, with the basil twist in our Organic Vegan Strawberry-Basil Protein Powder getting special mention from reviewers. It is also frequently pointed out by customers that our protein powders taste great regardless of whether you prepare them with water, dairy milk, or plant-based milk. Customers enjoy that our powders are adaptable and that they work well in a variety of drinks, such as in smoothies, coffees, and milkshakes.

Reviews also frequently mention that The Plant Era’s protein powders are a nice surprise for those who have tried out the market and not been a fan of many other sports nutrition products, including those with plant-based ingredients. According to them, our protein powders don’t have the bad aftertaste or smell common in others they have tried.

Customers also love that by choosing a healthy, plant-based formula they’re not compromising on flavor, and in fact they often say that it’s the organic ingredients themselves that make the powders taste so good.

2. The power of plant-based: 

But our formula’s organic plant-based ingredients don’t only improve how our protein powders taste, they also help make our products healthy. Customers appreciate how much better they feel after drinking our protein powders than after trying dairy-based whey powders. This is because whey protein often causes digestion issues in many people, making plant-based products generally better for the stomach than those containing dairy.

Instead, our protein powders are packed full of organic pea and rice protein to ensure they have a full amino acid profile, and this decision is both backed by science and enjoyed by customers.

Reviews rave that our healthy protein powders have not only helped improve the efficiency of their workouts, but also helped improve stamina and recovery. This is also thanks to The Plant Era’s plant-based protein powder formula which contains 50% of your required vitamin B12, essential for combatting problems such as fatigue and poor mental health.

3. The better choice for the planet:

Just like plant-based products are the better choice for our health, they are also better for our planet. Did you know that by shifting to more sustainable, plant-based diets, there could be a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions? Since dairy and meat-based products require more land, livestock, and resources to produce than plant-based products, avoiding these types of ingredients when making purchases can drastically help the environment and slow down climate change. Our customers value that by purchasing just one plant-based protein powder, 1 ton of CO2 is avoided. 

Choosing plant-based products is undoubtedly the eco-friendly option, and this is one reason why customers love The Plant Era. Vegan or plant-based customers love how our products perfectly compliment their lifestyle and diet choices. And for those that aren’t ready to adopt a full vegan or plant-based lifestyle just yet, our products help them take steps in this direction. The Plant Era gives all customers peace of mind: they know when purchasing their sports nutrition products that they’re not only making healthy decisions, but ecological and energy-efficient ones too which also contributes to less food waste.

4. The team who know what they’re doing:

Just as important as a great quality product is great customer service. And here at The Plant Era our customer service has been frequently complimented as “friendly”, “quick”, and “knowledgeable”. Thanks to our 24 hour opening times, our  customer-oriented team is always ready to help you with any queries you may have. And they’ll do a good job, too. Reviewers often thank our customer service team for their friendly, kind, and professional yet personable manner. 

Our team is also very well informed about sports nutrition and the The Plant Era brand. Whether you’d like to know about the nutritional value of our vitamins or how to use our very own protein shaker, The Plant Era customer service team will have no problems answering any of your questions.

5. The fast delivery and free shipping:

Reviews praise the fast delivery of The Plant Era orders, even despite potential complications due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and situations such as Brexit. Customers love our fast delivery, with many experiencing their orders arriving even earlier than expected. 

And not only are we swift with our orders, but we also offer free shipping to the USA, UK, and EU. This means that the sooner you place your order with The Plant Era, the sooner you can start being the best version of yourself.