10 Best Jump Rope Mats

Jumping rope is not only a fun way to work out but it also brings many health benefits. It’s good for cardiovascular health, bone density, and burning calories. As well as being good for your body, jumping rope can also help improve your coordination since you have to focus carefully on both your feet and timing.

But jumping onto hard surfaces can also be bad for your joints and can result in foot or ankle injuries. This is why using jump rope mats when jumping rope is so important – they help you have softer landings and decrease the impact on your bones. 

Jump rope mats are similar to yoga mats and are often multi-use since they can be used for a variety of exercises. They are usually made from foam or TPE material and can be rolled up and carried so you can take them anywhere.

In this article we will highlight the benefits of using jump rope mats when jumping rope, and then provide a list of our top 10 best jump rope mats.

Why should you use jump rope mats when jumping rope?

  1. They can extend the life of your jump rope.

Jump ropes can be quite expensive, with some high-end options nearing $100 USD, so to get the most out of your money you want to be able to use your jump rope for as long as possible. In order to do this you should consider using a jump rope mat.

When you jump rope on a hard surface, such as concrete, the impact of your jump rope hitting the ground can cause them to wear down over time. This means that if you have a softer landing, such as a foam mat or a TPE jump rope mat, then your jump rope takes less of a hit and will last longer before becoming too damaged.

  1. They allow you to exercise wherever you like, on any surface.

Jump rope mats can usually be placed on any surface, which means you can exercise wherever you’d like to. This includes surfaces both indoors and outdoors, for example the carpet in your bedroom or the concrete on your driveway. Jump rope mats are therefore a must-have for anyone that likes exercising outside.

They are also most often easily rolled up and transported and can sometimes come with their own travel bag or strap. Whether you want to take your mat to work out on holiday, or just to jump some rope in the park, if your jump rope mat is easily portable then the options for your workout locations are endless.

  1. They reduce the impact on your joints when you hit the ground after a jump.

Although jumping rope usually has a high impact on your bones, using a jump rope mat reduces this problem and is better in the long run for your body. The softer landing can also help decrease any joint pain you may feel after jumping rope and helps protect your joints against major damage.

  1. They can also reduce the bounce when you land a jump.

Not only do they help reduce pain and negative impact on your joints, jump rope mats can also reduce the bounce after-effect when you land. The spring base that a jump rope mat provides makes it easier for you to jump up again, and since they usually have a non-slip surface, you can jump with confidence knowing you won’t slip.

  1. They can reduce noise when jumping rope.

If you live in an apartment or with other people you don’t want to disturb, then you know the struggle of trying to exercise as quietly as possible to avoid any complaints. Jump rope mats are great for reducing this worry thanks to their ability to help muffle the sound when you jump rope (both of your feet and the rope hitting the ground).

Points to consider

When choosing a jump rope mat, make sure you note its size (length x width). This is not only important to know if you will be able to easily move the mat or if it will fit in your room, but also to know if you will be able to completely fit on the mat when you’re jumping rope. The mat must be big enough that the end of the jump rope will hit the mat – and not the ground – when you’re jumping.

The size of your mat is even more important to consider if you plan on doing jump rope tricks, since they usually take up more space than simply just jumping rope. It is also worth bearing in mind that sometimes having no mat at all may be best for doing jump rope tricks.

Our top 10 best jump rope mats

  1. This jump rope mat from LERYG is 6mm thick and is made from high density sponge rubber and foam. On the bottom side it has a strong gripping feature meaning the mat won’t budge when you’re using it. 

    As well as being shock-absorbing, this rectangular mat also absorbs some of the noise you make when jumping rope – perfect for those who don’t want to disturb the neighbors! This mat is also sweat proof and can be hand washed. At 72 x 24” in size and weighing 6.5lbs, this jump rope mat also comes in four different colors. Prices start at $34.99 USD.

  2. This jump rope mat from FitHomie is one of the lightest products on this list, weighing only 1.5lbs. This means it’s one of the better options if you’re looking for a more portable jump rope mat.

    This mat with curved edges is sweat proof and can be hand washed. It’s 6.5mm thick, made from high quality, water-proof TPE material, and 60 x 24.6” in size. It also has a more detailed design than the other mats listed here and comes in two colors. Prices start at $29.99 USD.

  3. This jump rope mat from dofopo is both one of the thickest products on this list (8mm) and one of the lightest (1.9lbs), so you don’t need to compromise here on cushioning or portability. It’s gray in color and is 70.8 x 23.6” in size. This mat is also sweat proof and can be hand washed. 

    It has one curved end and one straight end. It’s made from anti-slip TPE material so is suitable for all flooring types. Prices start at $39.99, and it comes with a free carry bag.

  4. This jump rope from LERYG is smaller than the previous jump rope mat from the same brand – it’s only 55 x 24” in total size. It is also thicker than the other, with a thickness of 8mm as opposed to 6mm, and has curved edges. 

    It weighs 6.5lbs and is suitable for all flooring types. This mat is sweat proof and can be hand washed. It comes in three colors and is made from TPE material. Prices start at $25.99 USD.

  5. This jump rope mat from Gxmmat is by far the largest mat on this list. At 72 x 72” in total size, it weighs a whopping 19.84lbs. Whilst this jump rope mat may not be the best choice for those looking for a portable mat for their jump rope workouts, it could be perfect for those who have a permanent gym floor area.

    It’s made from high-density micro foam, is rectangular in shape, and is 8mm in thickness. Prices start at $119 USD.

  1. This jump rope mat from EliteSRS is on the lighter side, weighing only 5.4lbs. It’s 48 x 36” in total size and is 6.35mm in thickness.

    Made from non-slip vinyl foam, it’s rectangular and easy to roll up to take with you when you’re exercising outside your home.
    It is also sweat proof and easy to clean. Prices start at $64.99 USD.

  2. This jump rope mat from Launch Fitness is oval shaped and can be hand washed. It’s sweat proof and made from high density PVC.

    It’s 52 x 32” in total size and weighs 6.08lbs. It has a standard thickness of 6.35mm. Prices start at $54.99 USD.

  3. This jump rope mat by RUSH ATHLETICS is one of the heaviest jump rope mats on this list (14.77lbs), so may not be the best for those looking for portability. It is, however, on the thicker end of the standard jump rope mat options, as it is 8mm thick, and is
    72 x 48” in total size.

    It’s rectangular and is made from high quality rubber and PVC so can be hand washed if needed. Prices start at $120 USD.

  4. These jump rope mats by Sunny Health come in three different sizes.
    Small is 51.18 x 23.62” in total size, medium is 78.7 x 35.43”, and large is 90.55 x 39.37”. They are all
    rectangular and 4mm in thickness.

    The small option weighs 1.7lbs, medium 3.5lbs, and large 5.1lbs. Made from high density PVC foam material, they are waterproof, sweat resistant, and are easy to clean. Prices start at $17.99 USD for the small mat.

  5. This jump rope mat from FYC is made from high density NBR material and is rectangular in shape. It is 61 x 27” in total size. It has a thickness of 3.81mm, so is the thinnest jump rope mat on this list, but it’s also one of the lightest as it weighs only 4lbs. Prices start at $27.99 USD and it comes with a one-year warranty.

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